Thursday, August 21, 2008

I've received two awards

I've just received two awards given by PreciousRock who was kind enough to remember me.
They are the "Sharing the Love" and the "Friendship Award" and it means a lot to me because love an friendship... you know.

These are the blog buddies I've chosen to receive and pass the flame:

Jane at Bipolar Recovery; Jon at Living with a purple dog; Shiv at Shiv's Brain; Susan at If you're going though hell keep going and Stan at Is something not quite right with Stan. There are many brilliant people around the blogosphere but for some reason these buddies are very important to me.
Thank you all for making me feel at home talking about all the issues that are connected with mental health.


Shiv said...

*blushes* Thank you so much, I am honoured and flattered!!

Jane said...

You are a total sweetheart Ana. Thank you very much.

Ana said...

Shiv and Jane,
We are just sharing love.

susan said...

Ana, you are too kind. I knew about a couple of these blogs, but not all. I will be adding them all including yours to my blogroll once I start to feel better from the new med cocktail.

Take care, and ((((((((((ANA))))))) big hug!!!

Ana said...

We are all too kind.
I hope your new med cocktail helps you.
Big hug full of energy!