Friday, March 13, 2009

Why do Pharmas visit blogs that criticizes their meds?

I would really like to understand why do AstraZeneca, Johnson&Johnson, GlaxoSmith, Eli-Lilly and others have any interest in what is written in blogs that are critical of the Pharma era.
They know very well that there is not a chance that potential consumers get information from blogs that are not found when you first make a search about a psych-med.
Whenever we search for a drug at Google, that is the most used search-engineer, we receive the material they want, reporting how mild side effects are, that these drugs are not addictive and have helped millions of people.
These drugs are sold for people who are in pain and in search for a quick-fix which helps a lot the sells.
People only start getting suspicious and try to search more carefully when they are already taking the drug and became addicted what makes it harder and harder to get off of them.
I believe they visit us to make us believe that we are doing a lot of difference and they are very scary or take our anecdotal experiences seriously.
But I doubt it. I guess they only do it as way to pass the time and to know what are the new answers they will have to invent in order to cope with new questions.
They research on our blogs to make new theories to keep on selling the old drugs. It just came to my mind.
Now I am the one who is scared. Are we helping the Pharmas?


Fiddy said...


Because they like to think that WE are the ones who are deluded Ana when it is infact THEY who are deluded.

They have convinced themselves that what they do is right.

At least, that's the way I see it.


Ana said...

Right for their bank accounts. I believe they know that.
Don't they?

I confused. Seriously.

Stephany said...

It also could be insider whistle-blowers gathering information while they are on the job!

We are putting hot coals under their feet, they'd love it if we shut up!

Ana said...

We cannot stop because we were harmed by these drugs or people around us have.
That's what they will always refuse to see.
Anecdotal... we are anecdotal evidence that they refuse to see.

Marian said...

When I recently posted on Seroquel on my Danish blog (I do post a lot more of this factual stuff on the Danish one, than I do on my English blog, as I'm by and large the only one in this country to cover things like that), I had I don't know how many hits from an AstraZeneca-branch in Sweden the same day.

I posted a comment to my original post, saying something like: "Yeah, I'm really sorry guys, but there actually are some people out here, who do not pop your frigging pills, and thus have their cognitive abilities intact, and can report on what's happening in the U.S. Too bad." They read it. It made my day.

Ana said...

I'm glad you are writing it in Danish.
There is a branch of Mindfreedom is Sweden if I'm remember correctly.
I'll check it later.
It's funny the message you've send to them.

Radagast said...

Ana, don't speculate upon other people's motives - it'll drive you quite mad, because there's no way you can ever be sure that you've got it right, because they'll never talk to you. Meanwhile, if you assume that a certain assumption on your part as to motive is correct, you will read everything that they do in terms of that assumption. And you may lead yourself off in completely the wrong direction.

The drugs don't work, and yet they are marketed as if they do - and questions countermanding this claim are ignored. This has the benefit (not the motive), of providing massive revenue to Pharma, through the sale of solutions that don't work. Certain auxhiliary functions (KOLs, for example), also benefit by becoming wealthy and powerful, because they are acknolwedged as expert, but that may not have been their motive, either.

Deal with what you know, and can verify - you can never verify motive, so don't speculate on it, because there is no end to that game.

Pharma is very wealthy. Pharma visits our blogs. We also know that they are not communicating with us. We know that there is a massive industry surrounding Pharma, promoting its wears, and thus benefitting from Pharma's existence. And that's all we know - they are completely closed off from us, in their own, tiny worlds, occasionally sallying forth to issue a threat, or a new product!

To all intents and purposes, Pharma only exists to the extent that we allow it to exist by letting it into our lives in the form of drugs. I'm glad to say that Pharma doesn't exist for me, anymore - unlike Pharma, I am not interested enough in what it has to say to try to eavesdrop. It has nothing of any interest to say to me; and consequently, I have nothing of any interest to say to it.


Ana said...

You are right that I might not speculate.
My goal is to achieve this stage where I have nothing to say to them.


Stephany said...

The more I read about Wayne MacFadden and his sex for information the more disgusted I get, and as far as believing any drug's scientific database for efficacy for what it's prescribed? useless! they can't be trusted, what a crock!

I feel like making a batch of cookies, label them atypical antipsychotics and handing them out for people who think these drugs work. Then write my own fine print that my recipe was funded by Hershey company.

AstraZeneca's reading our blogs is highly entertaining, especially when they are looking for Wayne Mac Fadden's photo. I hope they like Fid's cartoon.

Ana said...

These drug works: lots of side effects, addiction...
Works wonders!
They are even giving SSRIs for men who abuses others.
I didn't find a single photo of Macfadden. Yep, I was curious search.
Just want to see if he was using a suit.
Have you noticed that they are all in suits and with a smile on their faces?
They are thinking at their bank accounts.
The irony is that they have to work a lot to keep on profiting.
No time to live.

Mark Krusen said...

I think as much about big Pharma as big Pharma thinks about me.Not at all. To them we are nothing more than nats to be swatted away. What's great though is that you guys are like bees and your stinging them some or they wouldn't even be coming to your blogs.

Ana said...

I'm amazed by Wayne MaCFadden is being searched.
Let them visit.
It makes no difference.

kim said...

I usually get the most hits by Eli Lilly and AstraZeneca. I received visits by the PENTAGON on my Chantix post. Big Pharma follows our sites for a variety of reasons. I would like to think and I sincerely hope that Stephany is correct, that some are potential whistle-blowers. However, I am certain Big Pharma has at least one person on staff whose job is simple-trolling. I also believe they do it for legal purposes-ie. they are looking to see if anyone is releasing confidential company documents and trolling for the possibility of libel lawsuits. And then, it IS possible that we are HELPING them-I know they have meetings, etc. on how to best cover up "X" issue with "X" drug. One thing is for certain-they know the patients are more informed-thanks to the internet. So, if I were them, I would be scared. But until THOUSANDS of people (or a really good FDA commissioner, etc.) stand up and FIGHT, Big Pharma and their lobbyists will continue to be in control.

Ana said...

It only shows that the system is really really big and rely on people we cannot imagine.
I also hope Stephany is right.
At least one member?
There are hundreds of people working for them to spread their words.
I've met some in Orkut - the social networking most Brazilians use - who were clearly people working for Pharmas.