Thursday, March 12, 2009

Salt - good for depression? Two types of graving - an anecdotal view

Mark has just published this post:

I may have been right about salt
I wrote of my use of SEA salt when depressed,
and today I find this news article. Big pharma and psychiatry isn’t going to like it.
Salt is ‘natural mood-booster

These are my comments with an "anecdotal theory" a kinda of conspiracy theory made be some patients who are boring and suffer from delusions that the Pharmas are dominating the world:

Ever since I exist I am a salt sea sponge. To make a long story short: my blood pressure is very very low.
I started taking out the salt because people say it’s not good for your health… blah blah…and got sad, felt tired most of the time and craved for salt.
Went to a GP, he is a very good doctor - he hates his colleagues lol - and he measure my blood pressure - it was 7/? .
He said I need salt… I grave for salt.
I believe that there are too kinds of graving:
one that your body is asking for and those who are psychological, that you eat as a emotional reward.
This is my theory according to what I have observed in me.
Anecdotal… without any scientific value.
Like being thirsty. People claim you have to drink 2 or 3 liters of water a day.
The problem is that when you drink too much water… there goes sodium and other stuffs.
I believe that feeling thirsty is the guide.
Perhaps you also have low blood pressure or another thing that your body needs.
Trust your instincts! I keep repeating to myself.
I’ve just read the article. It’s dangerous to claim that salt is good for depression.
It’s good for a kind of “depression”.
Now we will have those who are depressed and have high blood pressure taking salt…
I rather keep with my instincts and going to this GP from time to time.
I bet you that in three months there will be another study claiming that salt is terrible for depressed people.


Mark p.s./Mark p.s.2 said...

I did not mean the message to take sea salt continueously.
I also assumed the person could safely consume sea salt.

Depression is not forever. You can not have a broken leg forever. Either it gets better , or it gets worse.
Unless you keep breaking your leg.

Anonymous Drifter said...

I'd never get to find out if salt helps. I have high blood pressure so salt is a no-no.

Ana said...

I understood Mark. I guess I did not let it clear that I need taking it continuously because of the low pressure.
This is another problem.
Depression is so complex!
For those who are considered with major depression it seems to be a long fight.
Perhaps that's why I made a confusion.
I'm sorry if I got you wrong.

Ana said...

Anonymous Drifter,
Yep, for high pressure and salt= never.

Mark Krusen said...

Hello Ana!!

Ana said...

Hello Mark!
Thank you for dropping by!

Gianna said...

I've always eaten salt liberally...now I have dangerously low blood pressure so I need to have even more...

I think I'll take a quarter tsp in water once a day...

Ana said...

So you are just like me.
I've always knew I had low pressure but just now I know that the tiredness and other symptoms I always thought was due to low pressure is for real.
I had to listen it from a GP to tell me. People was always blaming me because of that - I add salt even before eating the meal.
Trust your instincts... (to myself)
Now I can say that the GP told me so!

Jena said...

Salt; compound sodium
Lithium; compound of sodium

It doesn't surprise me that Salt would work. But I suppose it would be poorly regulated.

Gianna said...

Lithium Carbonate was like a sledge hammer to my soul and my depression greatly increased --- it's a toxic poison that has killed more than one of my friends.

I didn't recover from my depression that was CAUSED by lithium until I stopped taking it.

Lithium may be a salt but we're still talking apples and oranges...

Lithium Orotate which can be bought over the counter and is very low doses of elemental lithium has actually helped some of my friends without the toxicity associated with Lithium Carbonate.

Ana said...

I believe that the lithium you're talking about is the inorganic in the form of carbonate.
Body chemistry is quite complex.
It's hard to understand.

Gianna said...

did you get my post on lithium??
sometimes I hate blogger..it routinely eats my posts...I have to remember to save everything...

In any case lithium carbonate is vile crap that has killed more than one of my friends...

when it took it it was like a sledgehammer to my soul. I crushed me and made my depression so deep I was almost catatonic...I recovered when I STOPPED taking it...

Lithium orotate is used as a supplement you can get it over the counter and it's small does of more bioavailable lithium and doesn't have the toxicity issue carbonate has...I have a really good friend who uses it and is in great health after suffering toxicity from carbonate...

lithium may be a salt...but it's like apples and oranges...still totally different from table salt...


Ana said...

My ex-husband first manic episode was stopped with lithium carbonate after a few months he was taken from a clinic that was once recognized as very good.
I know the difference. He stopped taking it.
I never wrote about lithium so I'll check your post.

Gianna said...

I meant comment not post...I thought my first comment to this blog was lost today

Ana said...

I saw it now.
Sometimes I write an answer while another person is writing a comment.
My comment was at:
March 14, 2009 10:44 AM
and yours:
March 14, 2009 10:39 AM
I approved it after I had written.
The shit is having to approve.
If I open there comes Spams and the Pharma whores.
I hate having to approve.
But every time I open I have problems.

Mark Krusen said...

Hello again Ana!

Ana said...

Lol lol lol
Thank you Mark!
I love when you drop by!