Thursday, March 19, 2009

For Stephany

This is an Émile Zola quotation. A great way to live! Enjoy.

This is from the other blog I'm doing. While I was posting I thought about Stephany and thought about dedicating it to her.
I don't know why but at the other blog it would looks as if I was trying to catch her attention to that specific blog. Yes, I'm still that neurotic that think about these tiny little details.
Now I just saw she did something for me perhaps at the same time I was doing this post.
What the hell! I thought about her, Period.
Of course this is for all of you whose voices are being raised. The choir! You all sing beautifully and in tune.
I love you all.


Stephany said...

thanks Ana! what a great quote! thanks for thinking of me.

Anonymous Drifter said...

Oh, I liked that!

Ana said...

You are always in my thoughts as strange as it may appear.

Anonymous Drifter,
I also think of you.

We share one of the most intimate part of us and it creates boundaries.