Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ray Sandford - Stop forced electroshock

Original post that I lost. Stephany, from which blog I took the video, did an addendum since I've post it. Join us.

Ray Sandford: Watch the video, share it and advocate! to stop forced ECT

Advocates unite! This video of Ray Sandford, who has had 40 electroshocks to his brain involuntarily is poignant and an agency wants the video stopped from being viewed.

Ray Sandford's next involuntary(not his choice)ECT (electroshock to the brain)is scheduled Wednesday, March 25, 2009.

Information below is copied from this article:

"Ray, his mom, and Daryl speak in their own words, and for themselves,

But Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, which is funded by
taxpayers to protect Ray, has had their attorney George Borer issue a
letter dated 4 March as a "final notice" trying to seize the original
tape, and prevent "dissemination" without their approval!

*** Take Action! *** Take Action! *** Take Action! ***
1. Please view Ray's video, and forward the links above to others!

2. If you can, download the video to prevent any censorship by LSSMN.

3. Contact President Obama about Ray, and find out about upcoming
peaceful protests in Minneapolis/St. Paul and elsewhere in May, click


For more information about the Ray Campaign, including Ray Blog,
Frequently Asked Questions, and more, click here:


I found the video at Stan's blog,a mental health advocate and psychiatry survivor,Stan has diligently written continually about Ray Sandford. I believe Ray would be happy to know he has a friend fighting for him. Thanks Stan, for not forgetting Ray Sandford.
Mental health blogs that are hosting the Ray Sandford video: join us! and be a voice for Ray Sandford. (List is in the order I've found the links)

Is Something not quite right with Stan.


Rayne's World.

Beyond Meds.

Naturalgal's Weblog.

Addendum 2: Kim at Invincible Summers has also published this post.

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