Saturday, March 07, 2009

Reporters Without Borders - Cybermanifestation to free journalists and denounce cyber-censorship

I use to sign all petitions of Reporters Without Boarders.
For those who are in US there's this petition asking to bring to justice the responsibles of the murder of the Post Newspaper Chauncey Bailey.
There's another way to be active to protect freedom of speech in order to try to free cyber-dissidents:
"At least 62 cyber-dissidents, Internet users and online journalists are currently imprisoned worldwide." according to Reporter without Borders.
Click on the image to join the online protest. "Many different methods are used by governments to censor the Internet, including repressive legislation, monitoring Internet cafés and controlling ISPs. To denounce cyber-censorship and to demand more online freedom, Reporters Without Borders is calling on people to participate in online protests in nine countries that are internet enemies."
It's a beautiful protest.


skywind said...

Oh, all dissidents. If everyone were dissidents, then the world will be like? Oh, that would not even such as Monkey World. :)
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Ana said...

We are also dissidents. Patient-dissidents!
Great! :)