Friday, March 13, 2009

Depression has nothing to do with sadness

It was first published on June, 18, 2008
don't feel sad. don't cry...
it's not normal feeling sad
you are in pain
or perhaps sad because you have cancer or diabetes...
don't cry!

Please, there's some help for you right here. I hope it helps.

The link is to Philip Dawdy's post: Depression Linked To Absolutely Everything and the list in long: "heart disease, cancer, obesity, chronic pain, racism, poverty, smoking and so on have all been tied in with depression,..."
Don't these people have any idea of the mess they are creating?
This banalization of depression will affect people who are really depressed.
Those people who suffers from Major Depression or Bipolar Depression.
It's hard hearing those famous advices:
"-You don't want face your problems and is using this disease as an excuse to be in bed all day." "-You're lazy." "-Take a walk and you'll feel fine."
When we are waiting for a "campaign" to explain people who are around a depressed person that it's not a question of wanting to feel this way they only gives more and more reasons for a total lack of comprehension about what depression really is.
Shame on you!
I wonder what Einstein would say.
We have to remember that despite being a pacifist he witnessed, and was even advised to write the letter that led to Manhattan Project, with great distress his theory being used in the wrong way.
If he saw all of what is being done under the name of science(?) he probably would stop his work and use his name fighting these people who are using his field in the most infamous way.
Science is wonderful! But what these people are doing has nothing to do with science.
Real science would never ever put on the market drugs based on hypotheses. Would never say "-It works this way" when they are far from understanding what the problem really is.
Stigma and more stigma. And there it goes more and more loneliness and depressed people will have to keep on hiding their feelings and cry themselves till sleep
Thank you JAMA, NIHM and all of you!

Depression is not only being sad as most people think. It has many other physical and mental feelings and sadness is just one of them.


Mark p.s./Mark p.s.2 said...

Which came first the chicken or the egg?
To say feelings came first, is one example.
To say feelings come after, is the other.

Ana said...

Yes, the old problem seems to be everywhere.
Thank you Mark.

Catatonic Kid said...

'Depression has nothing to do with sadness'... Exactly, Ana!

It's like walking on the Moon. If you've never been you can think it's all a hoax, a pretty picture with no substance. But if you have, oh, if you have then the world is never the same again.

Ana said...

Exactly CatatonicKid!
You always amazes me with your way in making images.
You described quite well.

Marj aka Thriver said...

Good post! I like your spunk. I've dealt with a lot of depression. It's a complicated tangle. Just to say you are "sad" is WAY oversimplifying things.

Ana said...

Yes. The feeling is so overwhelming that sadness is just one more item.
The other problem is using "depression" as a way to describe normal sadness.