Saturday, March 21, 2009

What can we tell tennagers?

I believe it's happening to all of us. The new generation, teenagers and those who are just going to their twenties, are bloging about their emotional problems and are joining our blogs. How can we help them after living and witnessing what we did?
I've just visited a blog of a 19 years old girl who was diagnosed "BPD?" (she has put the interrogation mark). At one moment she said that she had a chemical imbalance.
What now?
Are they going to go through what we have been? I believe it must be hard to be at their places because there is family, there are the physicians and many influences.
How can we tell them about us?


Mike Golch said...

we can say been tere and this is what helped me.

Mark Krusen said...

All you can do is tell them in the comments about your experiences. If they have the desire to do the research it is out there.

Ana said...

I'm glad it you were helped.

You are right. At least some are finding blogs to help.


zunnur said...

I'm glad that blogs have helped them to share and vent out their problems.

Ana said...

I've just visited your blog but my connection is bad.
Cable man will come today.
I'm very happy you found help from your blog friends have helped you.

Naturalgal said...

At least we are out there. Often people who believe the chemical imbalance don't want to listen. But we are just out there and they can visit. We are only a click away.

I often wonder how my life may have been different if the Internet was around when I was first diagnosed in my twenties.

I think my life would have been much, much different....for the better.

Ana said...

If I had found in 2001 what I have found in 2005 it would have made all the difference.
I found Dr. Bob which some people consider to be good but it's not.
I made some decisions based on some informations there.
I hope they can find us.

Jena said...

I think they're searching, and they'll keep doing it as long as they have questions that need answering. They might even find a blog post that resonates with them and ask the blogger what they think about whatever it is they're curious about. I know when I was first diagnosed, I did just that. They will look and look. It's not our responsibility to teach them, unless they ask. It's just our responsibility to be ourselves and be honest. They'll learn the best from that, and through our experiences. I'm most convinced of that.

Ana said...

The good is that they were born with Web in their veins. lol
So they know how to search better than we do.
They know everything about info better than me.

Mariah said...

I am one of those teenagers.

Adults have the experience in living that I don't have, and so hopefully I will learn from them.

Ana said...

I hope there's something we can tell you.
Whenever you feel like asking us, the seniles:), do it.
Some of the old people will even say that they don't know the answer.
Take care,

PrincessMoon said...

I started therapy when I was 3 years old. I started medication when I was 7 years old. When I was 14 years old, I was put on an antipsychotic. Throughout my teenage years I was on cocktails of antidepressants, antipsychotics, stimulants, mood stabolizers, benzodiazepines. I had generalized anxiety disorder. Last year I got off all my medications after spending life on medication since age 7. It is totally unfair that I was put on antipsychotics in middle school as a teenager. It's just all unfair what happened. When I was 13, I had generalized anxiety disorder and someone else my age had bipolar. I've been through mental health issues since I was 3 years old. It is totally unfair that that I was put on antipsychoitcs, stimulants and antidepressants for such a long tong time, it was like these psychiatrists thought it was fun to mess me up as a pre-teen and teenager. When I got off medication, it was so different. During my teenager years I never really thought about my anxiety disorder. It wasn't really talked about. I was just put on medication and that was that. Way off label medication. I am really upset with my dold doctor who put me on an antipsychotic when I was in middle school. The same doctor who put me on all the stimulants. My personality would change every time my medication changed. When a new stimulant, antipsychotic or antidepressant was added I'd jsut go through a personality change and I didn't even know why. I never really thought about the medication I was taking, for so long I'd just take the pills without questioning itl After I got off medication, it became a whole new thing.

Ana said...

This is really unfair to give this drugs when one is so young.
I hope you keep on your therapy and I'm very happy you have stopped taking the pills.
Take good care.