Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mr. George Rutledge from Wellsphere still disrespect bloggers

There are still bloggers having a hard time to get out of Wellsphere.
They still have some of my contents and put it on search engineers as if I'm part of that.
Others are still fighting to get their content out; The parody "GoodCube is at Hellen's blog. The left image was a desperate attempt from Lee Ann to get her content out of Wellsphere.
Something is not quite well in all this scandal. I didn't want to write about this any longer but it's amazing how disrespectful Dr. Rutledge can be. "I asked to be removed which they, of course, ignored. Dr. Geoff played little mind games via email." was written by a blogger in March, 14th. It describes perfectly the tactics they are using: "e-mail mind games".


Fiddy said...

Put a disclaimer on your blog Ana. Something along the lines of "Reproduction of the material on justana.blogspot.com.... etc

Scroll down to the very bottom of my blog and you will see a disclaimer.


Ana said...

Thank you Fiddy.
I have to do it. But as far as Wellsphere is concern they have already show they don't care.


Callie said...

I just received an email from this Dr asking to be a part of the blog.. I am of course Googling prior to responding and would love to get more info from you on what type of scam they are running.


Ana said...

I wrote four posts on this you can find them

Click at the links I left that you will have the whole picture.

Clever Elsie said...

I found this post while researching Wellsphere. As someone who they also took advantage of, I'm trying to get the word out about their HealthBlogger Network Participation Agreement. Here's a quote:

"You hereby grant Wellsphere a royalty-free, paid-up, non-exclusive, worldwide, license to use, reproduce, distribute, create derivative works of, publicly perform and publicly display your Health Blogger Content on Wellsphere.com. If you request that any of your Health Blogger Content be removed from Wellsphere.com, the foregoing license shall terminate and such Health Blogger Content shall be promptly removed from Wellsphere.com. To make such a request, please email Wellsphere at support@wellsphere.com."

If they refuse to remove your content after you've requested it, they are in violation of their own contract.