Sunday, March 22, 2009

Panic attack being understood by others

I just wrote this in an e-mail:

"One day mental illness will have to be seen as it is not as it's being done with all this absurd.
I had panic attacks because of side effect of clonazepam. It's really terrible.
But I remember that that if I could say: "Hey! I'm having a panic attack." and the other person could understand it would be far more easier to bare. I had to hide it and it only got worse.
Just the other day I was walking at the streets and saw a woman putting a pill in her mouth. I stopped because I wanted to drink something.
I looked at her and I asked: "Are you having a panic attack?" She said "yes" and I stood by her side talking to her. I'm sure she felt good because other person could understand her and it must have taken some burden from her back."
Many people are having panic attack and many know about it. But even to a family member the way others behave is usually ignoring or saying those famous advices: "Be strong." "It's all in your head."
The majority of panic attacks don't last too long. One of the greatest problems is that we pass half the time fearing when or where will it going to happen again.
I believe that a good relationship with others could be of great help.


Van said...


I found my way over here via invincible summers.

That was quite nice of you to stop and offer to talk.

When I have panic attacks, they usually last for LONG periods of time (with a build up and come down). I could say from 15 mins to 3 hours. They are hell.

At time knowing there is someone out there who understands the feeling, and can talk to them, does help...

Kudos to you on that.

Ana said...

Three hours?
I was "luckiest". It lasted 20 minutes I believe.
The worst was when I was home going to my grandma's house.
I was ready to go and it started. For the first time I've called my neighbor who was a physician. She gave me the number of someone and this person told me to have propanolol. I took the thing and felt nothing.
She hanged up and I waited for my neighbor who didn't appear.
I don't know how many times it lasted but was too much!
Take care and remember "Relax." "It's all in your head." and... "Be strong." lol

skywind said...

Yes, it can only help each other solve the problem.
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Van said...

Yea, 3 hours. NOT fun...especially when I have to deal with people.

But, as you pointed out, I just have to remember that it's all in my head and I just have to get over it. ;-)


Ana said...

"Be strong and don't take yourself too seriously. Relax."

I hope you find your way out just like I did: it simply stopped.
I've been in psychoanalysis for 20 years.
I know it has helped me a lot.
But as far as the panic attacks are concerned I don't know.
As I said it was caused by clonazepam. I still take it but i really don't know how it has stopped.

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Ana said...

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