Sunday, March 29, 2009

R.D. Laing A Life

Adrian Laing, the youngest son of R. D. Laing, wrote a book about his father:
"R. D. Laing: A Life" that was launched in 1994. I haven't read it yet.

This is some of Adrian comments on The Guardian when he was interviewed because of his brother's death, possible by suicide:

"It was ironic that my father became well-known as a family psychiatrist,' he says, 'when, in the meantime, he had nothing to do with his own family."

" 'Anyone who has become deliberately well-known, inevitably they've done that at the expense of their family. They've gone their own way. They can't do both.' "
I guess you all know that R. D. Laing son, Adam Laing, was found dead in May, 2008. It's been a long time I wanted to remind it but I confess I got a little confused with all of this. Usually it becomes a kind of passionated debate between those who like and those who dislike with little understanding on it all. I don't know. Perhaps there are some aspects of humanity that are not meant to be understood and the complexity of every human being is beyond comprehension. There is a difference between being controversial, and we have many examples in history, and being mean equally represented by many in history.


Ben said...

I just thought i would comment on your post about r.d. laing because i stubbled across on google. I am one of his sons and I think you may have been mislead by the book by Adrian Laing and the Guardian article. I may not have understood you post correctly - sorry if that is the case. Firstly, that book is all about Adrian laing's issues. He had a difficult relationship with Ronnie (laing) but that was not the case with all his other children. There is a lot of crap coming out about R.D Laing at the moment for some reason (sunday times articles) but it is all rubbish. Ronnie was a very compassionate person who loved his children greatly and had a lot to give. Secondly, Adam's death was nothing to do his father. The media have used it as an excuse to critised Ronnie's parenting and, thus, discredit his work. Just a few thoughts to bear in mind.

Ana said...

I've tried to reach you by e-mail and at this blog but I didn't succeed.
I'm not sure if you are really Laing's son.
I wrote this post about R.D. laing:

I can separate man and work.
If you have anything to say you know where to find me but only if you can assure me who you really are.
I'm not mainstream media.

Authorship of the Johannine works said...

All those people who seek to control the behavior of large numbers of other people work on the experiences of those other people. Once people can be induced to experience a situation in a similar way, they can be expected to behave in similar ways. Induce people all to want the same thing, hate the same thing, feel the same threat, then their behavior is already captive - you have acquired your consumers or your cannon-fodder.

Ana said...

I've just published a post of Julian Lennon talking about his father being a total disaster and even abusing him verbally.
My next door neighbor do the same with his daughter.
People must be more aware about what parenting really is and how hard it is to raise a human being.
Thank you for the comment.

Joan and Vijay come to grips with reality said...

Thank you