Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The right time for talking therapy

Yesterday while visiting a blog friend this subject came to my mind. I have spend twenty years in psychoanalytic therapy and the issues that led me there have reached it’s end. It does not mean I’m cured, healed and that I’ll live happily ever after. This is one of the myths about therapy: once you’ve been on the couch you are no longer neurotic – yes I like this word, it makes sense but it is another post.
It means that although I have experienced some traumatic events I am in good terms with them and they don’t affect me the way they did.
I’ve been noticing that new issues have appeared but I’m not going back.
Firstly because I’m not that bad and the most important reason is that there is a time for talking therapy.
If you are in a huge crisis you have to go – if you think this is the way you like to handle it - and I started it this way following a psychiatry advice who said I was no depressed or any other thing and that what I needed was therapy. It was a blessing having found this psychiatrist – he has already passed away – because although he did run his own psychiatric clinic and was very pro-drug he only prescribed me benzos, unfortunately clonazepam was the last one.
The issues I have now are bothering me in a way that I believe I need therapy now but I can handle them by my own That blog friend I visited was searching for therapy because things were not manageable any longer. She blamed herself for being in denial and not taking care of herself.
I don’t think she was in denial. It’s not easy to face some events in our lives. We have to be strong to face them and it is a strength that can even present itself as a crisis.
She was preparing herself for therapy for a while. If she was in denial she would never search for a therapist and, perhaps, not even have any kind of crisis.
It’s not easy to be in crisis. Some people work hard not to go there and acquire some habits that make they believe that they are fine.
Some spend their whole lives aching inside because they can’t face falling apart or, worse, people around them have to stand their destructive behavior that can present itself in many ways.
They deceive themselves and there is no way to cope with it.
I hope she finds herself in the long road of therapy. For those who are in doubt I believe you will know the right time to start the process.
May peace be with you.

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