Monday, March 30, 2009

Dangerous connections - who has D Bunker been visiting lately?

D Bunker just left me this photo on a comment. I'm starting to get worried about who are his connections. He has clearly taken this photo from one of his friend's house. Strange.


Mark Krusen said...

That will soon be all our dollar will be good for. It will be like Confederate money soon.

Ana said...

I hope not.
It affects all the world.

D Bunker said...

That photo comes from the Drug Money bought and paid for stalls at the last APA convention.

And Why Shouldn't it?

We're continually exhorted to Live Green, Think Green, Eat Green, Work Green, Etc.

So Why Not Wipe Green?

See The PLOS for: Shameless Disease Mongering.

Ana said...

Hahaha LOL
Okay! It makes sense! Quite logical!

This is very good!
It was made at 2006 and is still new.
We already have so many good material over the Web that I'm amazed mainstream media is still silent.
I believe that more 5 years all of this will be in numerous sites and it's by repeating it in different places and in different ways that people start getting awareness.

D Bunker said...

Susan red flagged This one.

"Is TV Ready For A Super Shrink?"

Notice that the 'Good' Shrink will be helping the Victims of a whole bunch of Previous, Incompetent Shrinks who Screwed up their Patient's Lives.

Read between the lines. The message will be that we need even More of these disgusting creatures, to clean up the Mess the Last bunch of these Disgusting creatures made.

And if you want to know Why the media Keeps ignoring this Profiteering Pharmacaust; just look at the Advertisements.

"This Steaming Pile of Incurable B$ was brought to you By the Makers of:"

There may not be any Direct To Consumer Ads for Antidepressents and Antipsychotics, but there Will be Ads from the Companies who Make those drugs. And if you go to news.muckety.com to look up major Media Outlets and the People running them, you're certain to run into Lobbying firms connected To those Media outlets - TV, Radio, Newspapers, Movies - who Are working for Pharma.

Ana said...

They have all the money of hte world to keep on making money.
Sometimes I'm a little bit delusional.
Dreaming is good from time to time.

susan said...

Bunky needs to take the money and buy kittehs and puppies and cookies with it.

Kittehs, puppies and cookies an milk are better than meds.

wouldn't this world be a great place if everyone had a best friend in fur, and milk and cookies?

Bunky- speaking of psychiatric shill, one of your least favorite psych journos is blogging now about a schizophrenic convention. I swear he is having orgasms shaking hands with some squirrley people.

Ana said...

Thank you for the visit Sisan!
D. Bunker will answer you.

susan said...

He already did. I got a new cat jpeg to laugh at.

xxx 2 Nell.

Ana said...

Hope you're back. It's so good to have you around!

D Bunker said...

You mean This guy, Susan?

"Late morning: I arrive at my appointed symposium for two hours of dopamine. These are brain scientists talking to brain scientists. To give you some perspective: When brain scientists talk to psychiatrists, they dumb down their talks. That way, I can almost understand their presentations."

Dr Fred Baughman is a neurologist. That would make him a Real Brain Scientist.

"I'm telling you right now, these drugs are unfit for human consumption, across the board," Baughman said.

Ana said...

Dr Fred Baughman is a neurologist!
This gives another perspective. I've always thought that neurologists are more able to talk about drugs than psychiatrist.
I think they need to be more precise.
I'm not sure if in US they are more reliable and are out of the Pharmas power.
Who isn't?

D Bunker said...

Good Question!

"We often hear of a man becoming a criminal through a love of low company. I believe it is much commoner for a man to become a criminal through a love of refined company. There is a kind of people who cannot stand poverty because they cannot stand ugliness. These people might rob or even murder out of pure refinement."

---G. K. Chesterton

Ana said...

Yes. "Refinement".
This is one of the words.