Friday, March 20, 2009

Nothing changes but here we are

In February 26, 2008 the article "Antidepressants no better than Placebo" was published at PLos Medicine and those who were always in search for news on SSRIs problems got a little happy. I was part of a social networking and somebody has put this article on one topic: "Bitter Pill A Portland doc flips on big pharma and reveals its “dirty little secret.”" We exchanged some ideas and in April 8, 2008 I noticed that the author Philip Dawdy's had a blog called Furious Seasons.
I've started participating, afraid not to be able to express my ideas in English, but I have flooded Furious Seasons with comments for three months.
It was good to find people who knew much more than I knew and was aware of the whole psych-drugs problems in all it's aspects.
I've been thought a roller-coaster of emotions. I got angry and sad many times. I even started this blog last june to have my own space to express my angry and sadness.
They went away. I'm no longer sad and only get angry from time to time.
My new feeling perhaps can be described as perplexity.
Things are so obvious still nothing is done not only in relation to psych-drugs but the whole mental health paradigma that is harming so many people.
Ray Sandford will receive another electroshock, according to the Law despite Mindfreedom's campaign and all the effort many people are doing. There are many other inhuman treatments being carried when we search at Mindfreedom.
This month another article about the risks of SSRIs has been published and Philip Dawdy wrote about it here. I always ask myself what makes people like Philip keep on his work.
I have no answer for that. I don't even know why I keep doing this blog.
I simply have to. I hope that at least in the future the work of many bloggers will be studied.
At least we are trying. Nothing changes but here we are and will continue to be.

PS: I still flood Philip's blog. I don't know what he does but many people are there for many months. I think I'll just take a glimpse on what is happening there. See you later.


Stan said...

Dear Ana:

Question: do women use these spiders on dates where you live.

Gives whole new meaning to "Black Widow".




Ana said...

I had to access all the pages in search for the dates.
I'm almost discovering the date I started this blog.
I'll check the link.


Ana said...

Send our spider back, please!
We are very proud of our deadly spiders.


Stephany said...

Interesting spider, pharma wants it's venom $$$ another Viagra!

Ana said...

Natural Viagra buy now U$ 2,50 a pill.
Poor spiders!
Guess I will go to the jungles in search of these spiders and try to make some money.
I'll give you your percentage, of course Sephany, after all you are the researcher who found it.