Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm not fine...

... I'll be out of blogosphere for a while.
Stay blessed.


justana said...

Sorry to talk about you on this post.
I'll remove it later.
I'm not fine.

Stephany said...

I'm sorry and sad to hear that you are not feeling good Ana. You are being smart finding a balance and your friends will be waiting for you to come back to blogging when you are ready.


Your friend in Seattle,
Stephany :)

justana said...

Thank you Stephany!
It's good to know you're here!
I have to rest. I'm not ill.
Just feeling some ailments.
Cannot have stress now. And you know that dealing with this subject causes a lot of stress.
Specially when you know things, terrible things, and cannot report it.
I'm seeing too many people suffering on blogosphere too.
It makes me feel very sad.
I'll just rest a while.
Your friend in Rio de Janeiro.
PS: I've put my watch to indicate Seattle time!:)

Stephany said...

I understand, yes I feel the same way, what we write about gets very intense and stressful. And as you, I also cannot write about much that I have seen/see. Many days, I have to shut down the computer because I can feel a headache coming on just from the pain and suffering of the topics.

I'm happy to have a friend in Rio de Janeiro! it's 2pm for me as I type this :)

Wishing you a peaceful rest and time away,


Shiv said...

*hugs and best wishes*

justana said...

Thank you Stephany!
Headaches! Yep!...:)
Thank you very much my Seattle friend.
It's 00:35 in Seattle. 05:35 in Rio.

It meant a lot for me your support!
Thank you very much!