Saturday, July 05, 2008

bipolarity, drugs and character

It happened to me. I'm still feeling a mix of emotions. Someone who is on psychiatric care as bipolar came to my house and while I went to the bathroom my purse was opened and my wallet with 50 bucks was stolen. I'm missing a bracelet too but it can be someplace else.
Even the person telling the "I'm sorry" protocol it was not from the heart and I believe, even though I was totally wrong about this person, that I know when an apology is sincere. The person is sorry, I'm sure, but not because of me. First because it's was discovered and I don't believe I would have "I'm sorry" if I hadn't found out that this person did it, and, secondly because there's too much narcissism involved and other reasons I'll say later.
But the truth is that this person takes cocaine and other drugs.
No bipolar I know has ever steal a cent. My ex-husband, who suffers psychosis maniac-depressive, is perhaps the most dignified man I ever met. It's one of those few people to whom I would put my hand on fire.
I'm still very shocked to say more.
When things calm down I write about character and all complexes issues that are the title of this post.

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