Sunday, July 13, 2008

Clinical trials 3

I've just found out a comment on the post Clinical trial 2 about clinical trials being made in poor countries.
This is the comment and my reply:

sahel said...

You have very well stated that clinical research is now being taken up in India seriously. I must say that still there are not many institutions offering a course on such a sensitive topic. ICRI is one of the premier institutes of the country and aims at promoting clinical research in the country. With foreign recognition and good faculty, its future prospects seem to b very bright. A number of clinical research projects have been taken up by ICRI and hav produced medicines of great value. It should b seriously considered by all aspirants of research very seriously. To apply for the the college just click on the url..http://tinyurl.com/6ellwe

justana said...

Thank you Sahel.
Just today I saw your comment.
I'll search on the links you gave me.
Let's see if I can have any good news.
But clinical trials are dangerous the way they are being cared.
You know that 5 healthy people committed suicide on Elli-Lilly's facilities during the Cymbalta clinical trials.
I'm sure you know about the TGN1412 case that happened in London in March 2006.
This is very serious!
All cares are necessary.

I just want to know where and when I stated:
"You have very well stated that clinical research is now being taken up in India seriously."
I'll have to search where I wrote it. All I know is that clinical trials are being made on hospitals not only without the consent of volunteers but without their knowledge. Perhaps one of the improvements is that people are getting informed that they are receiving a drug that is still not on the market but will soon be approved and no harm can be made by taking a drug made by a laboratory of great reputation on the west world such as GlaxoSmith, Elly-Lilly, Pfizer...
"-You know that in US and UK people volunteer on a regular basis and happily take any drug that are being tested for they rely on all labs. We have to reach globalization!"
Anyway, I'll check the site later.

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