Thursday, July 24, 2008

Four physicians fail to diagnose...

Yep! This is what I have!

List of symptoms:

The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Anemia includes the 26 symptoms listed below:

Dizziness is always associated with labyrinth problems by lay people.
For my experience also by physicians.
If they cannot diagnose Anemia I don't know what else can we do.
One of my nails is always fragile differently from all others.
Now I'm going to rest for I'm tired... and dizzy!
Medicine! This is the era of failures! I'm sure that this period of medicine will be reported as one of the most absurd in medicine history.
But only by 2989.


Stephany said...

It could also be thyroid with those symptoms. If you can just get an MD to run a complete blood work up, it can rule out many reasons for the fatigue, etc.

Good luck, and feel well soon.

justana said...

It's anemia. I've got the blood test from the hospital today.
I had to be in a hospital to receive this diagnosis!
It's sad but we have to laugh otherwise we lose our minds.
Tomorrow I'll go to a GP who "hates physicians!"
I told him I hate physicians on the first time we met and he reply: "Me too. My mother went to a doctor and when I arrived home she was having a drug that she can't because of the other drug she takes. I almost prosecuted this.... !" -You're right. Same of my colleagues are not supposed to medicate."

Stephany said...

Well this is good news that you know it is anemia, meaning you can probably treat it with a vitamin with iron in it, hopefully a simple thing like that!

Good to know you have a doctor you like, and yes we have to laugh through these things or we would not survive!

Anonymous said...

Give Homeopathy a try: find a naturopathic doctor who will tailor a remedy to match Your symptoms.
Prepare to be amazed!
Yes,i was a sceptic until i saw how it helped the critters we have& then tried it for my rheumatoid arthritis[along with a change in diet,of course]

justana said...

Thank you Anonymous, dar!
I trust homeopathy. I have already tried and succeed for something in the past.
I'll only do exercises. I will not take medicines for my back problems!
No way!
I have hernia on L5 and never got med. Only when I had crisis to easy the pain.
It's been more than 10 years I don't feel anything.
I'm eating good food.
Thanks for you advice!