Friday, June 13, 2008

Biederman in Brazil?

This picture is in Dr.Gustavo Teixeira's site. It's him that is smiling beside Dr. Biederman while in Boston during a course on Psychopharmacology in childhood and adolescence in Harvard Medical School, Division of Postgraduate Education on march, 2008.
In the site it's said that "Dr. Biederman develops works on children mental health and is considered one of the most influent researches all over the world".
The Brazilian psychiatrist Dr Gustavo Teixeira is member of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.
I hope that Dr. Gustavo Teixeira is not following Dr. Biederman steps and has real concern with children and adolescent's mental health.
He is very concerned with street-drugs addiction and wrote a book: "Drugs - A Guide for parents and teachers".


Stephany said...

Wow Beiderman's childhood bipolar/adhd psychiatric BS is world wide!

It's why I call it "an evil axis".

justana said...

lol Stephany!
"an evil axis"... lol

I don't know about the relationship Dr. Gustavo Teixeira has with Dr. Biederman.
All I know is written in his site where he offers lectures and courses on ADHD.
I don't know about the content of his lectures for I haven't read his book.
I'm sure he's doing a good job since he, as a psychopharmacologist and a person concerned about children being on drugs, knows the terrible effects of drugs while these children are developing.
We all know about what SSRIs is causing and the over-diagnose and over-prescription of medicaments.