Sunday, July 06, 2008

met the fella who robbed me

This person lives in my building. Today I went to walk by the sea to try to relax and I met this fella.
He looked at me as if I was the one who did him evil!
Great! I had to take security measures in my building for i don't know who this person is connected to for he told me that one of the things he did with the money was "paying his cocaine dealer"!
The mental institution where he's being treated, as a bipolar, is in front of my house, yep, I live in front of 2 mental hospitals, and it's public and is a center of excellence on Brazilian's mental care.
The thing is that there has been robbery from people who are from this hospital in my street.
People are pissed of with mental patients from this institution.
No patient from the other ever got out to steal from people around the street.
They are not mental patients for god sake!
They are addicted to drugs and some of them steal to take streets-drugs while receive Zyprexa and others expensive medications from the hospital.
There's a band of musicians from this institution and he is actually playing guitar for them.
One of the members has committed suicide. What kind of care are these people receiving?
His mother is co-dependent and covers everything he does. I was told she is always beside him wherever he goes. In other words: if her son gets better what is she going to do with her life?
She talked to me as if the robbery was a normal and natural thing! No harm done and that I should not have said "robbery".
What do we call when a person who is bipolar takes other people belongings?
I'm not understanding anything.
This is not what I understand about mental illness, bipolarity, family support, and, of course, psychiatry.
He told me that her mother and father used to drug themselves in front of him when he was a lad.
He is 33 years old now. I believe her mother will have to take care of him for the rest of her life. Perhaps after her deathn he will have real help from what he really suffers.
All I know is that it's terrible to be robbed in your house.
Especially if a person does not receive too many people and likes to be in peace at home working and doing things.
Sometimes... i don't know what to say now...

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