Monday, July 21, 2008


I believe that everybody have already heard something like this:
"-I didn't tell you the truth because I feared you were not going to accept me."

My answer:

"-I can handle the truth. It's not a huge problem and we could have discuss it. We could have find the best way to solve it in order not to hurt any of us.
But now I don't feel like even looking at you because what I cannot stand is the
lie. As a matter of fact I cannot stand all the lies you've told me.

Some people have the nerve to say:

"-But I have confessed and I only omitted one thing. What makes you think that I've said other lies?"

"-I live and breath, I live and breath.
Have a nice life."

I don't admit lying. I really hate lies. Not the social lies we tell everyday and I lie too. You know that the kind if lies I'm talking about are those who depict someone's character. No second chance for these. "Everybody lies." Yes House. But there's a limit and when someone cross the line there's no way to trust this person again. Reality is not a simple thing to deal with and we have many ways to conceal some truths in order to change reality on our side. We can make it the good way and think that this is our turn to cross the red light. Sometimes we succeed but others we can run over someone and end up feeling terrible.
So, also be careful with the lies you tell yourself.

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