Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"-Try to find a Doctor." 2

Just want to add this remark I wrote there:
"The funny thing is that no matter what you say, no matter what you ask... you're always wrong. I told someone: "-You know medicine. I know my body. Let's work together." They must think I'm crazy. Jesus! Thank you for being crazy. I hope my madness will never let me in the situation I'm seeing here: surgeons after surgeons."

There was an old lady next to my room who is hospitalized for more than 1 year! She has Alzheimer. They were going to perform another surgery and I also heard that another patient was having a second surgery.

I'll pray for them.

I also wrote:
"I'm feeling in prison. At least in prison you know there's no place to go and the window will be locked forever. I'll go away from here. I'm feeling worse and in 5 hours I'll be here for 24 hours with no help."
Now I'll try to calm down and... TRY TO FIND A DOCTOR.
Good to know that we can't find them in hospitals.


Stephany said...

Dear Ana,

I'm sorry to read you were in the hospital!

Sending peace and good health,


justana said...

Thank you Stephany!
I'm fine now!
Just have to find... the doctor!
Perhaps I'll put an advertisement on the newspapers!
"I want a 85 years old GP who is not aware of new drugs and has stop actualizing and receiving labs propaganda since 1977."
Isn't it fine?
I'm happy because I saw that people are searching on Google and are finding some of the things I'm writing.
I hope it helps others.
That's all this blog is about!
Thank you and peace and good health for you too.
We all deserve it!