Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cognitive impairment caused by psychiatry meds

This is one of my comments on FS post "Zyprexa Chronicles: Zyprexa Judge Slams FDA, Eli Lilly" :

Someone reported experiencing cognitive impairments:

Thank you for your reply.
I've already heard about these symptoms.
"Memory loss, horrible spelling when I used to be a great speller, and weird typing problems. My brain will know what I want to type but it comes out completely different. I have to do alot of editing.

I also have trouble locating things right in front of me. I had that even before meds but I swear the problem has worsened."

Memory lost is already known.
The spelling problem I've heard about it on Charles Medawar site.
There was a man who said he suffered the same you mentioned about spelling and he claimed it was hard to find a word on dictionaries.
He also had to edit many times what he wrote.
He ws already out of SSRI for more than 1 year.
It seems it affects language center.
Thank you.
I was already suspicious these where the cognitive impairments you suffered.
Try drawing!
Who knows forcing your brain to achieve other things can do you good?
Try writing with your left hand.
Try learning an instrument.
I'm just giving some hints with no scientific data whatsoever.
But who cares about it nowadays?

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