Friday, July 04, 2008

"bipolarity" being used to cover up other problems

"If there is justice, he will win with this defense and get put in a criminally insane institution for a longer period of time than the sentence of what should have been served for a felony charge.
That is the reality of "not criminally responsible" for most defendants."
Posted by: therapyfirst at June 24, 2008 04:27 PM
This is a comment a took from this Philip Dawdy's FS on "Massachusetts Politician Set To Use Bipolar Disorder Defense For Alleged Sex Assault".

I brought it up because there are people who are on psychiatrist care, or not, because of street-drugs abuse. Some people, as long as their families, are claiming that they are bipolar and they have mood swings, steal money from others to buy drugs, lie or do whatever they want not because of the cocaine, or whatever drug they take, effects but because they are bipolar. Much more convenient and hides everything.
In an era where many celebrities are claiming they are bipolar in such a degree that it's becoming glamorous to be bipolar and the concept of bipolarity is so misunderstood it's becoming harder and harder to have real knowledge of which is which and who is who.
I feel very sad that this concept is causing so much more trouble than real comprehension and helping fight the stigma to those who suffers psychosis maniac-depressive.
At the beginning it was good not to use such a hard word. But bipolarity is causing too much harm and people are getting more and more uninformed about what it really is and even some psychiatrists are using the term to give a quick answer to problems that they still don't know but medicate.

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