Friday, July 25, 2008

I've received this e-mail about Labs surveillance

It's not a "breaking new" for me. I have many cases on Google's "is watching you!"
Do whatever you want. I'll not stop blogging. I very happy to receive labs visits.
Please read everything all of you and perhaps you can... be moved by any story!

Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals":

Perception management companies working for big corporations like AZ, Lilly and Pfizer use specialist software to crawl the web. This is done to track down material which presents their clients in a bad light.

Some sort of automated textual analysis is then performed on the raw data from that web crawling.

The analysis generates a short list of "interesting sites" which can be perused by humans.

A bit like the "Echelon Dictionaries" of the global surveillance system, but better funded.

In fact, it seems probable that BigPharma is in bed with the intelligence apparatus.

Such a partnership would involve pooling surveillance resources for commercial espionage. The overarching objective is the the pursuit of every more obscene profits on Wall Street and in the City of London.

Google which conducts a huge amount of web crawling is doubtless part of the same conspiracy too.

To get employment at a certain level in the Google corporation you need a CIA security clearance.

Google's corporate motto is "Do no evil".


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