Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Drug-induced suicidal ideation 2

We always have to come back to explain it over and over again in order to clear any doubt.
As I said that when I was a teenager I thought about suicide psychologists must deduce:
"-Wow! She had repressed suicidal tendencies and they reappeared due to the lack of the right dose of antidepressant! She is suicidal!"

Nope! I'm not suicidal. As a matter of fact I'm a very happy person and I always joking and smiling. I love life.
And FYI: I've been on psychoanalysis for 20 years. The process is over.
I had enough time to treat the "suicidal tendency" you are attributing me without even knowing me or having any section with me which would be impossible for in Brazil psychologists, in general, are not very good.
Notice that I did psychoanalysis. In Brazil it's done by very serious people and has nothing to do with these psychologists treatments that heals in 15 sections.
Of course there are bad psychoanalysts! But it's not my case.

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