Friday, July 25, 2008

I'll have to stop using the computer...

Just arrived from a REAL physician. Dr. Guilherme Borges - we have to name good people.
The dizziness is caused by back problems.
I'm anemic but it's not what is causing the dizziness. I'll have to to therapy.
I didn't tell you yesterday but I had fever. 38 C to 39 C. Spent the night with the alarm clock waking me up to measure the fever. I have an infection. Perhaps It was from the hospital I went.
So, I'll have to stop blogging.

For 7 days I'll have to be away from the computer.
This chair and this desk are very ergonomic!
I knew it was doing me harm but you know, I still think that bad things only happens with others.
One day I'll grow up!

I've told Dr. Guilherme all about psychiatry scandal. He does not know.
Serious and ethical physicians don't have a clue about what is going on.
I told him to visit FS and this blog of mine because after all it has some Brazilians issues.

Perhaps I'll check for 5 minutes what is going on.
Wait for me! Don't forget me blog friends!
You all are very important to me.


Stephany said...

Wishing you good health Ana! Take care of yourself and see you soon on the blogs! :)

justana said...

Thank you Stephany
i'm on my 5 minutes.
My dog is very happy because all my time is for her now!
I just want to know how I'll make ends meet!