Thursday, February 18, 2010

SSRI Crime against humanity

You can search "SSRI crime against humanity" at Google and you will not have this answer:

"Your search - - did not match any documents.


  • Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
  • Try different keywords.
  • Try more general keywords."

I have to stop for a while because I am getting sad as it uses to happen whenever I think too much about psych-drugs harms. I feel like crying and when I pay attention at my thoughts I realize that this issue is the cause of my sadness because it is very serious but few people care or know about it. The word of a psychiatrist is the final and unfortunately there are few who are telling the truth.
I will be commenting at Furious Seasons from time to time or at friend's blogs.
Is there any journalist at the mainstream media that want to say anything about the it?
No! So it is not true. The official truth is that "these drugs save many people's lives and help millions".
Few people know that they are... blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah....
Okay! We keep waiting.


Andy Alt said...

Ana, apparently you're unhappy because you're not selfish (see link below). This doesn't surprise me about you. Good job!

Happiness ain't all it's cracked up to be

Ana said...

Hi Andy!
I'm missing you! It's been a long time.
When I'm happy I want that others that surrounds me feel the same.
I'm selfish! We all are.
Not sure about this search because when I'm sad I look inwards and rather be alone.
Too complex...

Andy Alt said...

Sure, when my depression is at its worst, I look inwards and want to be alone too. But if other times you're more aware of what's going on outside of yourself, and feeling pain felt by others, and caring about the suffering of others, then it seems a logical coping method would be to, at times, feel more depressed and want to cut yourself completely off from all the stuff you write and think about. The difference is that some people go about their day-to-day routine and take care of their own needs more, generally are more selfish than the people mentioned in the study.

Of course, this was only one study, and the test group was rather small. But when I read the article, I thought about people I knew were a bit happier and what the article was saying seemed to fall into place. But of course it's generalized, I mean, not everyone who is happy is selfish and not everyone who is depressed is more giving. I know when I've been depressed, I'm often seen as selfish, but sometimes I do certain things or perform certain actions that other people don't think about to do for others. Irony is funny.

Ana said...

Yes. You are right about people who only think about their day-to-day routine and don't think a second about what is going on.
I wish I was like this but I simply cannot understand how can it be that with so many problems the vast majority of people don't feel like dedicating one hour to something that touch his/her heart.
I never understood it.