Sunday, February 07, 2010

Jeremy by Pearl Jam "Try to erase it from the blackboard" - "You can't get people to care"

I did publish the lyrics. Now the video.
I am dedicating to that teenager I heard that was singing it loudly while I was passing by his house. Hope he doesn't know about the true meaning of the lyrics and was having a good time singing in English in such a early age.
Happy Sunday!

Funny because I'm remembering one line of the movie Legally Blonde:

" Rep. Rudd: You can’t get people to care."

I agree. No mainstream media... people don't care. Period! They are the owners of the official concepts and if a new concept is not put in circulation nobody knows what is happening.
"Chemical imbalance" is the cause of depression no matter what people have experienced and no matter how many times on the web it is written "chemical imbalance" theory is not correct.
If one cannot name something it is impossible to spread the news. This is one of the biggest problems of the individual phase of blogosphere.
Every blogger is an island and even though experiences are the same only saying what has happened is not enough. It's necessary to name it and other people to validate it.
Maybe one day people who say that want something to change will realize that one can spend twenty years blogging and it is a personal adventure unless you create an organization,a movement, an online network or make friends bloggers speak together putting differences aside and make the truth be known by as much people as possible.
Funny because even though many people say that depression is not caused by the "chemical imbalance" we can still read that one must have nutrients with serotonin or make exercises to produce it.
It is really hard to go against the official version even if one knows it is a lie.

"Sid: An honest voice is louder then a crowd’s."
I always thought it is fullish now I'm sure it is just a catchy phrase not based in reality.
Okay! Elle Woods! She did it. Yes, she did it. Bruiser got his mother back.

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