Monday, February 08, 2010

Mindfreedom "Truth Injection" Campaign for Mental Health Rights"

Whether one agrees with some of the Mindfreedom's activities and concepts or not what they are doing is really good and efficacious. Unfortunately sometimes if a person doesn't agree with a tiny thing they leave the group and forget the good side. This is one of the problems when a revolution is being done: lefties take too much consideration on tiny things and forget that the goal is what matters. Righties (why not?) only focus on the main issue and act. Take a look at the political scene now and many examples will appear. Of course they have manipulation, repression, media, money and an amazing apparatus that keep themselves up there even when apparently the lefties are at the power. Sad times we leave when no opposition is strong enough to have a note at page 27 of newspapers or the official media. We have groups and individuals working without ever meeting.
Fighting for freedom is never over, it is eternal.
Here it is one of many Mindfreedom's campaigns:

Examples of myths that are getting busting:

  • "You have a 'mental illness' that is caused by a biochemical imbalance...
  • "The medication we give you will correct your 'biochemical imbalance'…
  • "You will always have to take psychiatric medications...”

The brochure was researched by MindFreedom Lane County Affiliate, and can be used internationally.

Ron Unger, a mental health counselor who is affiliate coordinator, led the effort to create the flyer, working with psychiatric survivors.

Said Ron, "The brochure does a good job of conveying the kinds of deceptions that people in the mental health system are commonly exposed to, compared to the kind of information people would hear if they were told the truth."

Links to citations and sources are also provided to back up the facts in the MindFreedom "Truth Injection" brochure.

The truth campaign launched 12 February 2009, Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday, in honor of his reputation as "Honest Abe." In August 2009 the brochure was modified.

Download the brochure here if you want.

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