Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sometimes we change our relationship with some people and there's nothing dramatic about it - it's part of being human

This is not quite original but we have to say it sometimes. I am a very radical person. If I like someone this person has all my attention, care and I capable of doing no matter what. If I don't like indifference is the best choice.
Some people are acquaintances and we don't pay too much attention to what they say about us and they also are not affected by us.
There are others we don't like and sometimes we simple change our minds and someone we admired and cared about are no longer in our list of loved ones.
I believe that everybody has the right not to like me as I have the right not to like others.
I also believe that we have the right to change our minds and when it happens we want to be as far as possible from this person exactly because once this person was important to us.
Funny because I never felt out of love of my boyfriends and ex-husband. Life and contingency made us apart so I didn't had to experience divorce and dramatic separations.
I noticed how mean people act when they separate and I never got married officially because I simply cannot picture myself in that position of hating and saying terrible things about someone I once said "I love you."; shared my intimacy and the whole universe that surrounds me and is part of me.
But I have the right to lose admiration of a person who I once thought was nice. They keep on being nice for many other people and admired and respected and loved and brilliant.
But not for me as I am not for them.
When it happens I stay far away from this person and the other person usually also feels the same towards me.
We don't want any kind of connection and there is nothing wrong with that and I truly believe this is very dignifying because we don't want to be hypocrite. Period. This is being faithful to what we believe. Nothing wrong or bad about it.
This is part of life and part of being human. The thin line between love and hate as the song says.
I will try to find a Sinclair Lewis text on friendship where I believe he talks about it.
Let's all be at peace each one doing activities without interfering with the other. This is fair.
Have a great Wednesday!

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