Monday, February 01, 2010

Bloggers Unite has NIDA as sponsor and it uses pharmacotherapy to drug-addiction and claims that psychosis increases the likelihood for drug addiction

I put an update at the post February 7 - International Day in Memory of SSRI Fatalities saying that I created an event for this day to be accepted.
I don't think it will since one of their sponsors is NIDA
as you can see below. I believe that the pharmas are everywhere. It is amazing! No Bloggers Unite for an event that tells the truth about SSRIs. In Brazil some drug addicts are being treated with Zyprexa and I have already published the harm it is causing at this post.
They end up being addicted to street drug and Zyprexa.

"The following are some specific aspects of drug abuse treatment that should inform customized treatment strategies.

  • Behavioral Therapy. Evidence-based interventions include cognitive behavioral therapy to help participants learn positive social and coping skills and to utilize contingency management approaches with them to reinforce positive change. Motivational enhancement through the provision of abstinence-based incentives can increase engagement and retention. A goal of treatment planning should be to match evidence-based interventions to individual needs at each stage of drug treatment.
  • The Case for Pharmacotherapies. Effective interventions often include pharmacotherapies, or medicines targeting drug abuse and addiction. We at NIDA are hopeful that just as psychotropic medications for conditions like depression or psychosis are starting to be used in criminal justice settings, medications proven effective in treating the disease of addiction can also become part of a comprehensive treatment regimen. Presently, though, despite evidence of their effectiveness, addiction medications are under-utilized and are all but absent within offender populations. For the offender with both mental and substance use disorders, effective use of pharmacotherapies can be instrumental in his or her ability to function successfully in society.
  • Consideration of Co-morbidities. Comorbid mental disorders are major risk factors for drug abuse and addiction. Children and adolescents with depression, conduct disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), schizophrenia, or learning disabilities are at much higher risk of abusing drugs than other youth. It is important to adequately assess mental disorders to address them as part of effective drug abuse treatment. Early recognition and treatment of mental illness will help prevent drug abuse, and more effective strategies applied with young people who suffer from co-morbid mental and drug abuse disorders will likely improve their prognosis."

I don't know what to say for the moment. It is hard! Too hard.


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