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Call for action: International Day in Memory of SSRI Fatalities at Bloggers Unite

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International Day in Memory of SSRI Fatalities

February 07, 2010

Raise Awareness about SSRIs violent behavior that has already killed many people and changed some people's lives that took these medicines.

SSRIs are being prescribed not only for those who are suffering Major Depression but also for people who are in distress because of life problems.
These antidepressants such as Prozac, Effexor, Paxil/Seroxat, Zoloft, Cymbalta and many others promote serious side effects, are very hard to withdraw and many people have already reported the hell they have to go through while tapering them.
One of the most terrible side effects, also a withdrawal symptom, is suicidal ideation that is not triggered by the disease that has led physicians to prescribe them but it's drug-induced.
Traci Johnson, a 19 years-old healthy volunteer hanged herself during Cymbalta clinical trials and was found dead in 7th February 2004
That is why this is the date for the International Day in Memory of SSRI Fatalities.
Violent behavior also leads people who are taking SSRIs, lost dosages or are withdrawing to harm other people as is demonstrated by reports of people who have killed induced by antidepressants.
Patients are not informed of these problems and many others like the teratogenic effects that has already been reported by some women who took SSRIs while pregnant.
Although there are many testimonies at the Web FDA, physicians and laboratories do not consider them as a source to Post Marketing Surveillance Trial which is the 4th phase of clinical trials.
They just claim that these testimonies are only anecdote evidence and not scientific data.
This are some of the aspects of this serious problem mental healthy and all the population of the world are facing: medicines that can make you kill yourself or others among other side effects.
It has already gone too far. People have the right to be informed about all of these harms and also that the theory that SSRI's antidepressants were done is an hypothesis that is questioned by serious psychiatrists.
I hope we can make people know what kind of problems they are facing when prescribed an SSRI antidepressant.

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