Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I finally found a place on blogosphere. For almost two months I've been visiting blogs and I started to feel homeless. Here I'm. Now what?

I've already blogged on my language, Portuguese, and about subjects that are easier for me to approach. Perhaps I'll put some of those posts here. For now I don't know what to say. So I'll leave this comment I've left on Stan's blog:
Thank you for the first comment.
I was filling homeless in blogosphere and was annoying Philip putting the wonderful and important data I found on the WWW kingdom.
So I decided to open this blog.
Now all those brilliant remarks I had in mind that would certainly change forever the psychiatry history have disappeared.LOL
Now reading the beginning of your profile I've laughed a lot!
I also want the coffee and donut and leave!

After seeing that you've put my incredible blog on your links I'm laughing and laughing.
I admire you immensely for your work with mental health.
Thank you for the incentive.
As soon as the stage panic gets better I'll scribble something assassinating English language. Of course I'll blame the crime on tapering any SSRI.

And you must write about what you want.
Yours truly


Stephany said...

Hi Ana!

I'm glad you have a blog! Do you know I started mine because I was writing far too much at FS? and I still do! :)

I will add you to my side bar list of blogs.


justana said...

Thank you Stephany!
It's addictive!
Highly addictive! Since I started searching again can't stop thinking about it all.

Mark Krusen said...


Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Now that you have the blogging bug you'll have to keep on posting. I'll try to stop back in and read what you post.

Fiddy said...

Welcome aboard the blog train Ana. Keep on posting and before you know it you too will be visited by the 'powers that be' :)


justana said...

Thank you for the support.
I'm not moderating comments yet.
Let's see how long will it take!