Thursday, June 19, 2008

want to loose weight? Acomplia!

Acomplia the diet pill drug that Gives Weight Loss Patients Depression and have other side effects such as suicidal ideation and can promote the development of neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes and cardiovascular problems has not yet been approved in US but it's on the market in UE as well as in Brazil.
Some people claim:

"There are known benefits to taking Acomplia, and this study does not address whether the benefits of taking Acomplia outweigh the risk. Plus it is still not proven whether or not Acomplia does actually cause mood disorders."
"The FDA has still not approved Acomplia for use in the US, but it is being prescribed across the EU. Presumably the FDA will be able to look at the European data to decide whether or not the benefits of taking Acomplia outweigh the risks, when deciding whether or not to approve Acomplia for the US market."

However US citizens and people from all over the world can buy it on numerous sites that sells the drug online. This is one of these sites.
Dieting and exercising seems to be the last resource for those who want to loose wait. Cocaine is known to suppress appetite and has the benefit of making you happy for a while.
Gee! How thin top models are.

The woman in the mirror is at US-Canada border.


Mark Krusen said...

seems like they have a pill for every thing don't they.

Unknown said...

"A pill for every ill"
And they invent illness to use pills off-label.
Jesus Mark!
What kind of world is this where health is is not taken seriously?
Hope you're fine!