Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm sad...

... and angry. It's very hard for me to speak about my problems. Perhaps that's why I don't quit psychoanalysis. I'll write about it later.
I'm sad and angry because of what I'm reading on my friends blogs and also the comments. I'm witnessing and feeling empathic with many people whose lives have been changed not only because of diseases but especially by harms caused by medicaments.

Life is already hard enough and the extra problems caused by side effects, withdrawal symptoms, long-term lasting side effects of people who are out of drugs after being on the hell of withdrawal...
There are those who need help and are switching from drug to drug.
The list is long and I'm feeling so sad and angry that I cannot write now.
That's the way I'm feeling:


Stan Cavers said...

Dearest Ana:

It's ok to be mad or angry because it's a natural human emotion when we see injustice that affects us in a very personal way. I happen to believe all emotions have validity, because they can help guide our actions and give us the motivation to seek change.

The frustration of creating change can at times seem overwhelming and unmanageable. But all change; especially in these times of instantaneous communication is a slow and tedious process. So as we walk this road, it always important to have clear and unwavering perspective and allow change to happen at its own pace and with small steps that generate progress toward a monumental goal.

You are writing some great thought provoking post right out of the gate. I applaud you for your efforts and passion. Just keep plugging away with steadfastness and hope. As we each speak out about changing an entrenched system such as the mental health system as its being ran today. It's not going to ever be a sprint to the finish line, but a long marathon of patience and fortitude.

Keep on trying, and with the blessing of righteousness we will overcome in time if we can just hold on to are faith and continue to speak out.

You’re Blog Buddy:

justana said...

Thank you very much for your wise words.
I've already weep and sadness and anger went away. LOL
"We shall overcome..."

Anonymous said...

I empathize with how you feel about the state of mental health treatments , the drugs etc.

The sadness and anger both galvanize me to write and share my stuff.

Sometimes the profundity of these feelings and the apprehension of the zeitgeist we are experiencing makes expression of those thoughts daunting.

In time the more you assign yourself the task of writing about them the stronger it will flow when you are ready.

Sometimes you stare at the post editor with 100,000 things to say and unable to say anything.

Sometimes you won't be able to stop writing once you start.

It will come when you are ready.

It is very therapeutic to get it out.

You are doing a service preserving these effexor stories as well.


justana said...

Thank you!
You are right! 100,000 things to say.
I also write on the post editor.
I don't know why but it affects me.
It remind me that I'm not writing to myself.

Stephany said...

I'm glad to have your voice here!

justana said...

Thank you Stephany!
It's hard!