Thursday, June 19, 2008

thank you blog buddies

It has been a long journey. Since I've started visiting blogs on mental health I felt sad and angry, I've cried a lot, got angry and even started blogging. One of the blog buddies said that it's therapeutic writing on all of this and I told myself that I was not finding therapeutic reading so many sad stories, crying till one day I was so desperate because of all of you and me that I started crying so much with such anguish, sorrow, anger and a mix of strong terrible feeling.
I didn't know I was that angry about what happened to me. Wrong. I've remembered all my story...
Yesterday I felt happy and alive again for no reason. It was when I've realized that reading all your stories and felling empathy with you I felt understood and were among people who suffered the same as me and are conscious and quite aware of the origin of the harm that was inflicted by the bad medicine that is being practiced.
Yes Jane. You were right. It's therapeutic blogging because we get in touch with others.
I want to thank you all for telling your stories and letting me see that I'm not alone.
Thank you very very much.

PS I only regret not understanding what bipolar depression is by the time a very close person needed more help than I was giving.


sueke said...

Greetings, thanks for visiting my blog. I agree that I am through therapy trying to use reason to work through my emotions, but its a long road. I have my moments and my sad depressing blogs. I too experienced the effexor "non addiction" HA!

It was hell.


I loved The Piano Players. Unlike the satirical dark comedy of clockwork and his other works it really was at times just plain hilarious. Maybe I am a bit mad but I giggled through it.

peace love and empathy


Stephany said...

tears lead to healing.

justana said...

Thank you for your visit.
I've put you on my bloglist.
You write about a lot of things I like!
You're in the right road!
Stay blessed

Yep! That's the way it's!