Saturday, June 14, 2008


Nope! It's not the perfume. Read:

It's another empowerment post from something that happened to me yesterday. but first, i must make a comment that you know your head is in too much mental health topic reading and thinking when you turn on your (as in mine) kitchen faucet you've used for 5 years, and see tiny fine print under the handle for the first time, yeah like ever and say out loud, "what?!" because you think it says "Pfizer". when in fact it says "price pfister". that was this morning."

This is from our muse Stephany. Since I've found our mentor I've met incredible people. Stephany is one of them. When I've read it I laughed because the same is happening to me. The obsession on mental health issues perhaps is or either contagious or can be spread in the air like the perfume.
By visiting her blog I've already experienced a roller-coater of emotions. I've laughed, cried, got angry, was empowered, moved in many different ways.
I would like to thank her and tell her how much I appreciate her. As a woman, as a mother, as a warrior, as a writer... I see her everywhere helping blog buddies. Always giving support, sharing her experiences even if it's painful for her having to reveal some sad moments of her life. I don't have to say anything else because I'm sure that everybody knows her much better and from much more time than I do and what I have to say is not enough to fully describe this wonderful woman.


Stephany said...

Ana, oh my gosh thank you for this, how very kind of you. You are an inspiration and I love your firey spirit, and am glad to have a new friend in the blogosphere! :)

justana said...

I appreciate.
I'm glad you understood that I'm talking about friendship.
This world is so crazy that we even fear being misunderstood when we express good feelings towards people we admire.

Stephany said...

Ana, we are real people and though the Internet is via typed and written words; we are really true friends. If we all met in person it would be a grand party!!

justana said...

We will meet Stephany.
I don't don't why I have this feeling.
We'll party!