Wednesday, June 11, 2008


There was another helpless silence at the table. Joe sprawled uneasily in his seat, not willing to go till the family conclave was dissolved. Fred Henry, the second brother, was erect, clean-limbed, alert. He had watched the passing of the horses with more sang-froid . If he was an animal, like Joe, he was an animal which controls, not one which is controlled.
D.H. Lawrence


Stan Cavers said...

Dearest Justana:

Guess I'm your first blog buddy to comment on your new site. Welcome to the world of Bloggery. I hope you find this format and world as intertesting/fulfilling as I do. I will be looking forward to your post in the near future. That other kind of strange enlightened animal!

Yours Truly

justana said...

Thank you Stan!
I'm suffering stage panic now.
You know that Carly Simon has already been 45 minutes late for a show because she was totally frightened?
She said she likes the encores and would love to make a show as if she was doing one encore after other.
I'll take your comment as a huge incentive.
Thank you.

Stephany said...


I have seen the photo of Traci Johnson before, and read the story years ago with much sadness. When I saw the photo on your blog, I couldn't figure out why it looked familiar.
Until I read your profile.

What a beautiful tribute to Traci, and to remind us of how sad and tragic (and unnessary and preventable) her death was, she had her entire life ahead of her.

justana said...

I've just saw your comment today.
It's been a long time!
I'm very glad you understood the tribute to Traci.
Yes, she had an entire life...