Friday, June 27, 2008


Sometimes it seems that life presents you nothing but glimpses. Someone talks to you but it’s not a conversation; you shake hands but the hand is weak; go to the movies but see different aspects from what your friend has noticed; look into someone’s eyes but there’s nobody there.
These are the daily glimpses, no harm done.
However there are things in life that are not meant to be given as glimpses:
a glimpse of real friendship; a glimpse of inner-peace; a glimpse of desire; of family; kindness; revolt; love; tenderness; smile; tears; God…
Some people after being exposed to so many glimpses of these really valuable stuffs give up and even stop questioning “when will my life really begin?” a common expression of hope.
Others stay in the lighthouse and there are those who pass a long time in towels.
Perhaps happiness and sadness are among the things that can be presented as glimpses.

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