Tuesday, June 17, 2008

is it worthwhile?

When I read "My withdrawal hell" and withdrawal hell - 2 I don't believe that it's my story. I don't remember feeling all of these. It seems to be someone else's story.
After reaching the end of the withdrawal process I kept on feeling terrible in a way that life was impossible and I had to take Effexor again to stop all the strange feelings that were in my mind and my body.
No! I was not put on antidepressants or all the other drugs I took because I was depressed. I went to a psychiatrist to help me get off of clonazepam and he put me on Tofranil. All side effects promoted by this drug were seen as a mental disorder.
Now I'm fine although I'll have to be on Effexor and clonazepam and Seroquel for the rest of my life.
I could keep on with my life and forget about it all. Why am I so sad lately not because of me for I have crossed over all of that at a point that I read these stories not remembering I was there but because of so many people being on hell? For the last two months I've cried a lot visiting blogs.
Why on earth I'm concerned about it all? I'm fine, not depressed, not anything but broken because I've not worked due to withdrawal not only of Effexor but the huge amount of drugs I was put. So why, repeat, why am I writing on this subject instead of all the stuff I love to write or just keep on researching on mental health to finish my book?
Is it worthwhile? Does anybody care if I blog or not? Will it prevent others from being prescribed wrongly? Does
it make any difference?

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