Sunday, June 29, 2008

ADHD diagnoses tendence in Brazil

I've talked to a Brazilian psychologist today and he told me that he went to see a 2 years old child who was diagnosed ADHD. He was appalled for the child is from a upper class family and behave as any normal children of his age.
The worse of all is that the parents are physicians.
I'll talk to him latter and he'll tell me some of his stories. He uses to ask psychiatrist to low doses of some meds for he cannot work with a patient that is unresponsive because of drugs.
He is trying hard to give a good assistance and is even starting studying neurology in order to understand the drugs.
There has been a lot of articles on mags and newspapers about ADHD and, of course, millions of patients that should be taking meds are without care.


Stephany said...

Hi Ana!

Very interesting! keep up the great work! I simply do not understand doctors diagnosing 2 year olds with any mental illness. They are toddlers and developement stages are part of life of all children, they are not illness!

Hope you are well!


justana said...

Hi Stephany,
I'm fine thank you.
This psychologist is really concerned about it all.
I told him about FS and all what is going on. He don't know yet.
But his views are part of the good psychologists who are trying hard to make something.
He told me about some colleagues that are side by side with psychiatrists "diagnosing".
It's hard.