Saturday, January 31, 2009

Caffeine withdrawal to be included in DSM-5?

According to John Hopkins University if you miss your morning cup you will experience caffeine withdrawal:
"Results of the Johns Hopkins study should result in caffeine withdrawal being included in the next edition of the DSM or the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, considered the bible of mental disorders, and the diagnosis should be updated in the World Health Organization's ICD, or The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. (emphasis mine)

"Caffeine is the world's most commonly used stimulant, and it's cheap and readily available so people can maintain their use of caffeine quite easily," says Roland Griffiths*, Ph.D., professor of psychiatry and neuroscience at Johns Hopkins. "The latest research demonstrates, however, that when people don't get their usual dose they can suffer a range of withdrawal symptoms, including headache, fatigue, difficulty concentrating. They may even feel like they have the flu with nausea and muscle pain." "
"We teach a systematic method of gradually reducing caffeine consumption over time by substituting decaffeinated or non-caffeinated products. Using such a method allows people to reduce or eliminate withdrawal symptoms," says Griffiths
*Roland Griffiths has been a consultant to pharmaceutical companies, the International Food Information Counsel, the International Life Sciences Institute, and the legal profession on issues related to caffeine effects, withdrawal and dependence.

It seems that caffeine is highly more addictive than SSRIs or any other psych-drug.
I hope they start researching the best drug to cope with all these serious withdrawal symptoms and dependence.


Laura said...

I drink that much coffee I should be hooked up to an IV.

Ana said...

Me too!
But there are days I only have coffee in the morning and I feel nothing.
Today was one of these days. Only took one cup in the morning.
I guess I'm not normal!

Penelope said...

Just found your blog - you have a great sense of humour. I laughed out loud at the personal ad further down your page :)

RE: coffee - I've managed to get down to almost 60% decaf during the day, but when I need to study, bring the real stuff on! I just can't focus without it.

Just wish we had good coffee in this part of the world...

Monica Cassani said...

good catch Ana,
what a joke...
caffeine was hard for me to quit but it doesn't wreck your body like the psych meds have...these docs are really sickening.

it's more important to figure out how to slowly withdraw from coffee than psyche meds in their minds...

they routinely cold turkey people off psych meds all the time...

Ana said...

Thank you Penelope.
Hope you find your way out of depression.

How ironic!
Nicotine and caffeine being recognized as hard to withdraw.
Drugs that are highly dangerous don't.
I'll never understand this logic.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. I can't bother to take this stupid thing seriously anymore. Withdrawal is a symptom, not a psychiatric disorder.

Can we create individual disorder? Since you're different than what's considered the norm, that you've got the disorder of being different?

The DSM-V is getting ridiculous. I have no other words for it.

Stan said...

Dear Ana:

I'm quite sure the DSM has a nice little DX for everyone! If not, they will just make one up and hand you the latest mind pill and call it treated. Nothing like good bastardized science to have along with your steaming hot Venti extra shots Starbucks. I have always said that they would have to pry my coffee cup from my cold dead hands anywise.

You're Pal,

Ana said...

I don't know what to say neither. It only shows how absurd it is.
Can you believe that a Ph.D that who is consultant to pharmaceutical industry is trying hard to put caffeine withdrawal in DSM-5?

Finally you come to visit me!
I saw you at Mark and was jealous.
What about Coke? If a person change coffee to Coke, Redbull and other beverage with caffeine it's fine!:)
Don't you dare to leave me!

Stan said...

Dear Ana:

Mark just needed a little encouragement to get off the couch and be the good old man purse carrying liberal dumocrat he has always been. I hear he is quite a feminist now too {laughing}.
Hope life is treating you well and you’re not being too hard on yourself. You know that you can use other people for that stuff {smirk}.

You're Pal,

Ana said...

I know Mark needs encouragement that's why I'm following his blog and also because I like him.
Thank you for the advice. I really needed.
I don't like to complaim but I don't believe "life" is fond of treating anybody well.
Yes! People... {laughing}

People who need people
Are the luuuuuuckiest people in the woooooorld"

Have you found a lawyer?
She forgot to say you have to have money to "need" people.

Mark Krusen said...

Ana and Stan,

Why are you talking about me as if I'm not in the room? Is this a conspiracy? {laughing}Are you working to bring me into your liberal(Nobama will save us)way of thinking?

I'm so upset I'm going to have to have two cups of the Decaf coffee that Momma forces on me in the am.

Ana said...

Hi Mark!
We were looking for you!
Ah! I see. You were upstairs watching the view of the penthouse.
Isn't it a nice place to live?
I will get you Decaf coffee. Do you believe Cindy wants Decaf too?
I will be very pleased if you both stay for dinner.

soulful sepulcher said...

So here is where the caffeine junkies are hanging out! Mark, you don't drink decaf do you? ack!lol

Now someone get precious rock to come out of blogging hybernation!

Hope you are doing fine today Ana!

susan said...

Hey Ana,

How come i don't get an invite for dinner? Are you only invited handsome guys like Stan and Mark?

I can bring real fresh Dunkin Donuts coffee if you like...

And a real butcher's bone for Nell. As big as a Dinosaur's if she likes.

Ana said...


You know those problems you don't have money to fix than you pretend nothing is happening, keep going till you have to find a way because the thing became a impossible to deal with?
That's what I'm trying to do.
This bedroom that I turned into a studio is full of termites.
I had to take... I'll make a post about it.

I've called you all day but could not find you.
Someone answered the phone and told me you were asleep because of the party you went yesterday.
I didn't want to wake you up.
Cindy is here but you know, our eligible bachelor...
PreciousRock has already told me that she will kill me if I dare to get close to Stan.
So... we are just talking... lol

Love you both a lot!

susan said...

Ana, the only people who called me yesterday were my mom and Andy.

No calls from lovely Ana.

But i was sleeping. .....

I have no coffee here...... whaa!

Ana said...

Andy has called you?
How sweet! I left him a comment but he didn't answer me.
No coffee?
How can you wake up in the morning?
I'll try to visit your blog.
I'm using my old monitor and it's terrible and the computer is slow like always.