Saturday, January 10, 2009

Vote for me - helping me spread the "news"

I never pictured myself saying something like "Vote for me". lol
But those who are avid readers of this blog have already noticed that there's a badge on the left top. I don't understand 1) why on earth they have chosen my blog to be part Wellsphere; 2) why they have me as a patient expert; and I don't understand many other things that has happened since I'm doing this blog.
I must be doing something right.
If other people are telling we have to believe. I'm not only asking for vote but, dear Lord!, I have voted for myself.
I have to confess that even knowing how hard it's deep inside there's a hope that our voices will be heard.


soulful sepulcher said...

I voted for you! I think having these awards is good for raising awareness for our advocacy blogs; that's why I entered so many contests! to help keep mental health awareness out there. But, it can be disheartening at times, feeling like (me for example)am talking to no one or making a difference at all.

I like what Matt wrote about you on the Wellsphere page; he is spot on.

Thanks for your hard work,Ana.

Ana said...

I've voted for you too!
You were my first vote and you were the person to whom I asked for advice by the time Wellsphere asked me to join.
You are always helping me a lot.
If it wasn't for you and the amazing people I met last year I would not be here.
Yes, I also think these awards are not for ourselves.
It's a way to have some credit.
I feel the same.
It seems that only when Newsweek, Times and the official media publish it is for real.
We are not only talking about mental health.
Anyone can be put on these drugs and have changes that affect lives.
It seems we are panic-mongers when all we are saying is what we have experienced and saw other people experiencing.
What Matthew wrote has moved me a lot.
I hope you're feeling better.
Thank you Stephany!