Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stop Ray Sandford forced electroshock - Mindfreedom

I'm perplex.
For months Mindfreedom is trying to stop Ray Sandford forced electroshock. You must have received this e-mail. I'm publishing part of this.
This is one of the reasons I'm tired. If an absurd like this cannot be stopped I don't know what these people are capable.
This is inhuman!

Another involuntary outpatient "maintenance"
electroshock for Ray Sandford is scheduled
for tomorrow, 28 January 2009.

How to do and learn more on the Ray Campaign

For links to latest news, Ray Campaign blog, to hear the NPR radio
story on Ray, and read Frequently Asked Questions about the "No More
Shock For Ray Campaign" go here:

To further participate in the MindFreedom campaign to support Ray,
current MindFreedom members are invited to get on the very busy
MindFreedom "zapback" e-mail list about electroshock, here:

Please act today!

Ray's scheduled electroshocks for this Winter and Spring are below.

Unless there's a miracle.

And maybe you -- and all of us -- are Ray's miracle.

* 18 February 2009

* 4 March 2009

* 25 March 2009

* 8 April 2009

* 29 April 2009

* 13 May 2009

* 3 June 2009

* 17 June 2009

Ray calls the MindFreedom office almost every day, including just
before and just after his forced electroshocks. He says forced shock
is always scary, that it's harming his memory and ability to
concentrate more and more.

Ray is asking us all to peacefully protest his forced electroshock.

The nightmare of involuntary electroshock over the expressed wishes
of the subject has happened regularly since the very first
electroshock in Italy in 1937. But now the atrocity of forced
electroshock has climbed over the institutional walls, and is out in
our towns and cities, in our neighborhoods and homes.

Do not let this become "normal."


susan said...


They stopped his treatment today. Miracle.

Your friend and victim of ECT=


Ana said...

It's great news!
I'm sorry for what you've been through ((((SUSAN))))

Anonymous said...

Are you serious they finally stopped!!! I got to go check the Mindfreedom website.

Ana said...


I've checked and there's nothing at Mindfreedom site.

susan said...

Ana, check your email....

i forwarded it to you a few minutes ago.....

Ana said...

Thank you Susan.
I'll check later. Spend too much time writing Wellsphere post because my computer is sloooooowwwwwwwwwwww.