Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Bush is leaving the White House

I never thought I would cry. I'm joining the crowd that is at this moment celebrating. I'm feeling... I don't know what to say.
All I want is: never look at the White House in fear.
I hope this wish comes true.


D Bunker said...

I hate to be a wet blanket, and I'm Not sad to see the current Administration leave, BUT:

On the one hand America should be extremely proud to have voted Beyond the skin color issue, BUT, if Congress Does what it Should be doing, and actually steps up to say "Now See Here You, that's Not Constitutional/Legal" the socialist press will tear them to pieces by playing the race card.

I'm afraid we're going to be seeing a wholesale invocation of Executive Privilege to yet Further turn the White House from an elected office of public Service, ..... into an unstormable bastion of lawless, destructive, Monarchical whim.

My Govt needs to learn how to Mind its Own damn business rather than Causing - through "Alleviating" - suffering around the rest of the world.

Freedom, Not Foreign Aid, For Africa by Walter Williams

The Tragedy of Africa by Thomas Sowell

Ana said...

D Bunker,

You're raising important issues and not being a wet blank.
Africa is saying repeatedly they don't need money help.
However I think that some situations such as what is happening in Zimbabwe need pressure from the world and USA.
I'm not expecting miracles just some values that are forgotten.

D Bunker said...

Zimbabwe can not be saved through an influx of western capitol, because as so often happens that capitol remains in the hands of the oppressed's Govt to be used Against their own people. People are resilient, and if their destructive Govts are left to starve Themselves out, or Be starved out, their people Will straighten their Own mess out.

"The wholesale printing of money helped fuel inflation now estimated to be running at about 20,000%. Shops are virtually empty of basic foodstuffs."

America needs to get its Govt mitts/printing presses Out of it's Own citizen's pockets. The resultant explosion of prosperity would make America - or Brazil, or wherever - the most envied country on earth, (along with a Real cure for 99% of this Quack, Bio 'Depression') and the rest of the world would stand open mouthed for 2 heartbeats before demanding Real CHANGE, for themselves.

Or, ..... more of the same. The West has Psychiatry. Zimbabwans crawl off under barbed wire. Both are Lawless. It's just a matter of degree.

Ana said...

I'm not saying that Zimbabwe needs money. Mugabe is the big problem, isn't it?
Back in 2003 while Brazilian press was only talking about Iraq invasions I've send many e-mails for newspapers because not a word was being said on the torture Zimbabweans were facing.
The election was a fraud.
Tsvangirai had to...
You know all that.
I was talking about Political Pressure in order that MDC don't need to be out of their country.
Not financial aid.
I don't know why you are fighting me.

D Bunker said...

I do not mean to oppose you, and you have my apology if it came across that way.

Ana said...

I know we want the same!