Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Was your diagnosis accurate?

I have noticed that many people have been diagnosed more than one time and it was changed along the years.
Has your diagnosis changed?

Just found this software and for $ 44.99 "simply check the checkboxes with positive answers and press buttons to follow instructions to a diagnosis".


Anonymous Drifter said...

My diagnosis has changed a few times over the years and I'm still not sure they got it right.

Ana said...

It's getting harder and harder to understand what's in a name.
This is strange to say the least.

Bossy Boots said...

When I was 14 I was put in a youth psych facility, I was forced to stay there for more than 3 months. The original diagnose was Manic-Depressive (bi-polar). They tried just about every med they had on me, most made me ill or psychotic. After I was released on Lithium and Prozac I was a zombie. I could not function in high school life. So, I quit all the meds. Four years later I was hospitalized again this time with a diagnose of major depressive disorder, anxiety, and paranoia. The meds again made me a zombie, so I quit them. Less than a year later I was hospitalized again, I was diagnosed with Bi Polar a rapid cycling kind. They put me on Lamictal and Paxil. I took the lamictal for about a year then quit that and found no difference. I stayed on the Paxil for about 7 years till I found a new Dr and switched to Effexor Xr and Clonazepam. I also have to take 3grams of Omega-3. With this new Dr. I told her I did not want a diagnose, I don't care to label it anymore. I feel as though I do not fit into one of the narrow boxes of diagnose.
I know that I changed mentally since I was a teen, but I do not feel I was every bi-polar by any definition.
Name it or not I just want to be WELL. So I just classify myself crazy, and that works well enough for me, my Dr's hate it when I say I am crazy but I feel it defines me more than any diagnosis I have ever gotten.

Stephany said...

When the new DSM-V comes out all psych labels will be different, and add more complexity to ppl's lives--yet the same psych drugs will be dosed out for a broader use......

Ana said...

Bossy Boots,
You're not alone. I'm glad you don't care about labels.


This is sad but, Dear Lord, that's what is going to happen.
We have to admit they are very good shuffling it all and keep doing what they want.

Clueless said...

My diagnoses have not changed much, but I've had the same therapist for 17 years. However, with two different psychiatrist and two hospitalizations. They remain consistent. Some of the psychiatrist added diagnosis, but when discussed with my therapist he agreed with them or said that it could go either way to him.

The psychotic symptoms, bipolar, borderline personality tend to end up with lots of different ones because they end up in the hospitals in an acute state and the hospital has them only for a short time usually without an accurate historian. And, you have to really get to know someone to diagnoses these disorders.

Ana said...

Your therapist is great! My ex-husband was bipolar. After 1 year coping with depression he had his first manic episode.
It was the first time I went to a mental institution and my first contact with psychiatrists.
How cold they were.
I remember when all the family was there waiting for answers. They only said the diagnosis.
You know nothing more.
It's all too strange to say the least.

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

Rob's dx changed over the years. I've stopped believing in labels. There are so many shared symptoms between bipolar & adhd & epilepsy & pdd & autism & borderline & ocd & schizophrenia - I just don't care anymore. They can try to sort it all in to neat little labels, but the human brain & body are not going to cooperate.

The question is - how are we going to deal with it? That's what is important.

Ana said...

I think you did the right question.
And what is the point diagnosing if the meds are the same?
The use off-label shows that diagnosis don't say too much.