Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Why do SSRIs cause violent behavior?

From a very long list of withdrawal symptoms these are some that make me believe that in some way SSRIs or SNRIs cause a profound impact not only in the body but also in the mind:

- Suicidal thoughts*
- Suicidal attempts
- Impulsivity
- Aggressiveness
- Homicidal thoughts or urges
- Self-harm or urges
- Feeling detached or unreal
- Excessive or intense dreaming
- Nightmares

These drugs are supposed to make people feel happy but side effects and withdrawal symptoms have more to due with sadness and despair. It's amazing that those who are promoting these drugs keep on covering it all up and no research is being done to explain all these horrors.

*The UK parliament review on "The Influence of Pharmaceutical Industry" has stressed that drug-induced suicidal ideation has no connection with depressive thoughts:
"Almost from the outset,there was concern about two main problems with SSRIs. First, there was suspicion (initially centred on Prozac)
that these drugs could induce suicidal and violent behaviour – infrequently, but independently of the suicidal thoughts that are linked to depression itself. There was also concern (centred on Seroxat) about a risk of dependence; some users found it impossible to stop taking SSRIs because of severe withdrawal symptoms." (emphasis mine)

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