Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cyber Monday - Say what?

Susan has posted on the Black Friday and Buy Nothing Day. I had never heard about it and to me it makes not too much difference because I don't use to buy everyday specially in December when people are crazy in Malls with Christian decorations - yes, we have the fake snow, Santa, trees, everything is the same here. Now on Fox TV I became aware that next Monday is Cyber Monday.
I did a quick research and found many sites with the ads.
A Louis Vuitton can be bought 20% off + free shipping next Monday on this site above. I'm sorry but I hate all this luxury. I don't need D&G or any other letter attached to my body to say who I am or empower me and a huge purse that costs $4,210.00 is beyond my comprehension. This is the cheap one for those who buy online. Men have to buy the most expensive car blah blah blah...
I don't know what to think or to do about it all.


Stan said...

Dear Ana:

Just think about all that spare change you could hold in that $4200 purse. I just don't understand your reasoning here!

Buy more things dang it!

It keeps child labor in China and other places going! You wouldn't some poor kid that’s locked in a factory for 14 hour days, 7 days a week in horrendous working conditions to get fired would you?

Auh, Tis is truly the Season to be greedy {Laughing} Joy to the world for Pharma has come; to earth receive their false king. {Smirk}

You're Bloggery Buddy,

Ana said...

I'm feeling blue these days. You're right. I'm not seeing the bright side:

Stan said...

Dear Ana:

If you’re feeling Blue, fill the bath tub with warm orange dye water, and you'll turn green; or was that purple? {Laughing}

You're Bloggery Pal, and 1 of 6 awful people

PS hope that wasn't too personal? I wouldn't want to get banned! Geez, tell us to back off, and then lay down the law! What's next? I hate to imagine? {Smirk}

Ana said...

I'm also 1 of 6 awful people. When I started commenting on FS my nationality was mocked by this person.
I don't mind, a really don't mind.
Freak alien sounds perfect! lol

I really need this warm orange bath.
I would love to turn purple.

I don't know Stan. Sometimes we simply don't understand.

susan said...

Ana, I haven't figured out who the "Six awful people" are, but i don't think you are awful. I think it's really mean and juvenile for someone to make fun of your nationality. All that matters is you are a wonderful woman, with a big heart, and you do so much for us to educate us about what is going on in your neck of the woods. Don't be sad.

Sending you and Nell warm comforting huggies.


Ana said...

Thank you Susan.
I've been sad lately because of many things.
I really don't care about 6 awful people stuff specially from someone I don't admire.
I'm only hurt by people I admire and care about.
It also hurts me seeing people I like being put down.
But sometimes it happens.