Monday, December 08, 2008

Some people are using my work to sell drugs

My work is being used to promote sales online.
When I search Google for justana i've found not only the one I've already reported but others:


there are more!
They put a link on Zoloft or any other drug or medical condition to sites that sale drugs online.
This is unacceptable to say the least.

These are two of online drugstores that are using my posts:

PS: Gianna just told me it happens to her daily. I was thinking to delete this post but I'll leave the two drugstores that are doing it as an example of how low these people go.


Gianna said...

it's sickening to think they're using are stuff to sell drugs, huh??

but it's kinda funny too, because I don't think they read the posts...it's some sort of automated thing, so half the time I'm blasting about how fucked drugs are while they're trying to sell them!!

maybe it works to their disadvantage occasionally...maybe every now and then we make someone think twice??

it's a nice thought anyway...

Ana said...

Thank you for showing me this side.
I've just searched your blog and found that you're there!
I've spend all day appalled by this.
Perhaps they feel a little bit guilty and try to...

Stephany said...

It happens to me all of the time too, and some are scam blogs.

Ana said...

Yesterday I spent the whole time sick to death of it.
Today I've created an Yahoo account to collect data and to try to make a group gathering people who fail to withdraw SSRIs and I've found numerous groups 5 members selling drugs and advertisements on the side bars.
It's hard to try to raise awareness when all roads lead to pills.

Anonymous said...

Those are blog scrapers. It's mostly automated. For more info, check out Depression Should Never Be A Topic For Spam

The scraping software or bots or however it's done look at tags and I suppose keywords in posts, maybe by scanning blog search engines like google or technorati.